Vitani (shadowvitani) wrote,

[015] - Crack YGO RP Thing With Tani

You were warned this is all crazy crack.

oro chan9: I NEED IT SO I CAN KILL YOU ALL. I mean... uh. Open a checking account. 8D;
vintagecerulean: Yuugi: Well if t hat's all I'm sure I can loan it to you for awhile ^_^
oro chan9: Baku: ...Really now. >D Sure~!
vintagecerulean: Atemu: *drags Yuugi off* Nice try --;;
oro chan9: Baku: ...Dammit. >|
oro chan9: Baku: I HATE YOU MORE
vintagecerulean: Atemu: TELL ME SOMETHING I DON'T KNOW
oro chan9: Baku: ....YOU STILL HAVE STDs
vintagecerulean: Atemu: o.o;;
Yuugi: You have what now?
oro chan9: Atemu: Nothing nothing. 8D;;
oro chan9: Baku: That's what you get for sleeping around so much, eh Pharaoh. :|
vintagecerulean: Yuugi: ^_^ but you have to sleep every night
Atemu: --;;
oro chan9: Baku: ....And I though my host was an idiot. 8|
vintagecerulean: Atemu: He isn't an idiot he's just naive!!!
oro chan9: Baku: Tell me how he has a sex drive again?
vintagecerulean: Atemu: Well like this *hands Yuugi a picture of Anzu*
oro chan9: Yuugi: *flail* MINE! ;;
vintagecerulean: Atemu: See
oro chan9: Baku: ...I still say he doesn't have one. :|
vintagecerulean: Atemu: ....Not everyone is as obsessed with sex as you are?
oro chan9: Baku: Oh hahaha. I'm not the one with all the STDs listed and then some. >|
vintagecerulean: Atemu: I can't beleive I'm taking this from you --;; idiot
oro chan9: Baku: :| I still hate you.
vintagecerulean: Atemu: I mean of course you're totally clean it's easy to be when you just have yourself >D
oro chan9: Baku: ....Okay. Fuck you.
vintagecerulean: Atemu: *smug* Now now no need to get upset
oro chan9: Baku: ...Right. You know what? Fuck getting your memories back. I'd rather watch you suffer here and mess up other peoples lives. :|
vintagecerulean: Atemu: *shrugs* You mean like I messing up yours right now? Ya know by constantly kicking your ass
oro chan9: Baku: You know those are just flukes. 8|
vintagecerulean: Atemu: You know what your right I only win because you constantly fuck things up for yourself ^_^
oro chan9: Baku: ...Whatever. Can I have the puzzle now? :|
vintagecerulean: Atemu: No
oro chan9: Baku: >| Fine. ...Can I talk to your host again then?
vintagecerulean: Atemu: Sure hold on....Hey Yuugi, Bakura here says he wants to take Anzu on a date :D
oro chan9: Baku: ...OHSHIT.
oro chan9: Baku: I HATE YOU. >|
vintagecerulean: Atemu: Have fun
oro chan9: Baku: ...*flees*
vintagecerulean: Atemu: *stands in the corner very pleased with the results* *unfolds a piece of paper from his pocket* Annnnnnnd another point for me :D

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